TYSG was Already founded in 2011 as a side project. In the beginning of 2014 the band converted into something new and changed its line-up and sound. The Band now combines the urgency of 90ies Grundge bands with the melancholic and more melodic approaches of later alternative outfits and drag this into filthy sludge. They fill the room with rabid noise landscapes and manage to be heavy as fuck and catchy at the same time. They play in a very low tuning to make sure their sound will hit you deep inside your chest. Their songs are vessels filled with the bands discontent about everything under the sun, and loaded with their passion for heavy riffery. 

In June 2014 TYSG released their first record (first) digitally. The idea was to save the world from another flood of useless CDs.

A second record will be released in fall 2018 on vinyl only.


Roman: Guitar/Vocals

Laurent: Guitar/backing Vocals

Sandro: Drums

Niggi: Bass/backing Vocals



Things to say ...


  • New band pics are here!

  • Record is being pressed right now.

  • Homepage freshed up.

  • I like chocolate.